Scream Queen Brinke Stevens gives PodCulture a warm welcome!

Adam shares Wreck It Ralph this week for our enjoyment. He gives us a recap of this gaggle of game character-centric movie. Christina is wowed by the plethora of toys available and the whole gang is blown away that Alan Tudyk is the baddie. In true Disney style, the animation and texturing is stunning.

Geek Cuisine gives the gang a power up this week, as they share Super Mario Snerdles candied fruit strips.

Christina opens Geek and Tell with what she’s gotten for her friends. Glenn picked up a Spiderman Real Action hero figure. He shows off his Tomb Raider collector’s edition. Brad has finally gotten the Kickstarter gem, the Ouya, enjoying the ingenuity and the store. His favorite game so far is the zombiefied Organ Trail. Adam helped a computer-challenged friend order a laptop and made his foray into Windows 8. He tells the story of going with Cristalle to The Bacon Ball in Louisville.

Glenn is back with Guilty Pleasures! Watching horrible movies so you don’t have to, he shares 1986’s The Vindicator (aka Frankenstein 2000). What if RoboCop was a horror movie? Brad compares it to, “What if Darkman met RoboCop?”. In a side note, Glenn found Wal-Mart to have a 50 movie pack that included the pinnacle of Guilty Pleasures, RoboVampire.

In closing, Glenn shares his own Kickstarter project, which includes two of his favorite things, art, zombie hunting. Christina wants you to enjoy the weather before it gets too hot. Adam will be attempting to grow tomatoes and shares the story of his miracle car repair. Brad tells about the check engine debacle his own Emma had.

Music this week includes The Great Luke Ski with “Too Much Stuff”, “Quantum Entanglement” by Glen Raphael, Dino-Mike’s “Zombie Girl” and “A Good Day To Die Hard” by Fortress of Attitude.

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