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In honor of June the crew begins their show on the scathing Sixth Doctor, playing by brilliant Colin Baker. (Who will be at FandomFest 2013 right here in Louisville KY)

Nick starts discussion with how Colin comes to find himself in The TARDIS, changes in episode structure and Richard shares region specific airings.

The story they watched this week was Mark Of The Rani, so Nick and Richard give a brief synopsis. A renegade Timelord, the group enjoys the banter between The Rani and The Master. Richard mentions the possibility that the set design and color could have hurt the production at the time. Nick speaks about the more violet underlying themes in the Colin Baker years. They discuss Michael Grade and the 18 month hiatus.

Christina introduces Geek Cuisine this week. She shares Dalek cookies from Traci and Yo Central. Brilliantly soft and adorably designed, there will be much fighting over The Doctor’s tasty nemeses!

Richard talks about the possible causes for the hiatus between the 6th Doctor’s series. There is much finger pointing between writers, actors, producers and show-runners, but nothing is definitive. He and Nick mention aspects of causes, outcomes and theories. Adam reads a quote about the misguided attempt at garnering support with the song, “The Doctor In Distress”. Nick takes a second give John-Nathan Turner the benefit of the doubt and leads in to mention of the Doctor Who Slipback audio episodes.

When they come back from the break, the topic turns to Peri, The Doctor’s personality, and how the two either fit or play against each other. Christina likes him, warts and all. They compare audio portrayals to the screen characterizations. Nick gives a quick review of each story. He doesn’t love the baggage-laden mentions of the a-list nemeses of the Daleks and Cybermen. He and Richard speak to their least favorite elements of Timelash. They mention the unusual Revelation Of The Daleks story. Nick outlines the Trial Of The Timelord group of episodes, which says goodbye to Peri and hello to Mel, and the various implications of the format. They mention the stories that got scrapped for the year that didn’t happen.

Music this week is the song, “The Doctor In Distress” by Who Cares.

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