Brad opens with Christina’s lack of enthusiasm for Defiance. The pair rewatched the first season of Torchwood. They debate Children of Earth vs Miracle Day and noticed little things in the series they hadn’t seen. They’ve watched the BBC zombie mini-series, “In The Flesh”. Looking forward to Haven and Law & Order UK, the question of The Originals comes up. While Warehouse 13 is winding down, the team-up of James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head makes it all worth it. Stephen King is back on tv with Under The Dome, and so far it lives up to his name. Christina can’t get past the Bates Motel crossover.

Adam and Christina are watching the slew of Nova specials on Netflix. He watched the first episode of Galactica 1980 and Brad made Christina watch the pilot of the original. Christina suggests adding The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret to your queue if you liked Arrested Development.

Adam brings international Geek Cuisine with Milka Oreo chocolate! Everyone agrees it is bliss in a box!

Geeks like to Game and these are no exception. Christina is playing Candy Crush Saga when she isn’t playing Cat The Game. Glenn completed Tomb Raider , but missed out on some little side missions. He is also playing Last Of Us, despite difficult moments. Far Cry 3 was on sale and sent Glenn on an adventure, so he can now enjoy the map editor. He then found out it came with a map editor for Blood Dragon. Adam’s first impressions were wrong about Kerbal Space Program. He tells us about his space race and some of the finer points of the game. Brad talks about his trading of his Nintendo 3DS for an XL. He is still playing Animal Crossing and shares about Wilfred Brimley and Christina the flower thief.

In closing, Christina talks about the laptop she reluctantly kept. Glenn is happy for Fandomfest and the upcoming list of summer movies, including RIPD. Brad is still bitter about Star Trek.

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