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Adam opens with the tales of his adventures in Bonaire, off the coast of Venezuela. The scuba diver’s paradise, Adam tells of some of his favorite moments. Everything from shipwrecks to cave diving and an island of experiences in between. Glenn stayed close to home and went to Derby City Comicon, looking forward to it being a two day gig next year. Everyone is looking forward to Fandomfest! Christina and Brad adopted a calico fur baby. Drowning in hair and cuteness, Christina might be more allergic than Brad, but she doesn’t care.

Brad is responsible for the Guilty Pleasure this week with Syfy’s Sharknado! Beginning with the credits, it started out bad and didn’t get much better from there. From flying sharks to blindingly gigantic plot holes, there’s a lot to mock but not a lot to like, unless you love cheese.

Glenn brings the Cuisine to these geeks this week with Trolli Evil Twin Gummi candies. Some sweet and some sour, all sugar!

Glenn opens TV and DVD talk with Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Cult and Zero Hour are back for the summer, filling in the gaps, and the gang is glad to see them be allowed to finish. They’re all watching Defiance, but don’t like having to wait a year for season 2. Caught up to Girl In The Fireplace episode of Doctor Who, Glenn keeps plugging away until Face Off comes back at the end of the summer. All four are watching Falling Skies and Christina is creeped out by the baby. Brad and Christina are caught up with Longmire and the three will drag Adam into it. Teen Wolf is still head of the pack and Hannibal is on everyone’s plate. They lead into a brief discussion on shows being preempted because of news circumstances. Brad and Christina are watching timey-wimey cop bookends with Copper and Contiuum.

Music includes Carrie Dahlby with Titanic Monday and the promo this week comes from The British Invaders Podcast.

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