Brad opens the Good, The Bad and the Barrowman of Fandomfest. Before we get into the show, he asks for good vibes for Tardis Interruptus cohost Nick as he recovers from knee surgery. Andy is recovering from surgery of the oral kind. Justin auditioned for an NPR game show called Ask Me Another. Brad is still appreciating having a cat, although not having to give her ear drops. Glenn will be going to the Mid South Paranormal Convention. He and Carly are surrogate parenting for a Graceful Chameleon. Adam volunteered in the photo-op section of Fandomfest and shares some of his favorite moments.

Geek Cuisine is a flaming shot of dessert with Dr. McGillicudy’s Apple Pie.

Adam lists off the guest roster for Fandomfest this year.Christina talks about some of her practical favorite parts. Adam enjoyed his brushes with the great actors. Andy loved the hanging out with fellow geeks from all over. Justin’s best moment was meeting John Barrowman. The revamp their favorite moments to include encounters with little nerdlings. Christina talks of the various versions of herself who had a good time.

In constructive criticism, Brad brings up the lack of signs being one of the major (and easily fixed) problems. Nobody has anything bad to say about the volunteers and are appreciative of their hard work. Adam talks about lack of space and equipment. Glenn uses his perspective, having thrown Heroicon, to talk about logistical things. Christina questions accessibility. They mention the lack of updated media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Brad talks about the scheduling and Glenn laments the timing of the masquerade and suggests optimizing the more adult parts of the con. He suggests the differences in size between this and big conventions is relative, and people may have been culture-shocked. Andy mentions smaller shows nearby. Adam reads a post from one of the show runners. Justin lets us know what news trouble-shooters intend.

We might start out with things that didn’t work so well, but we’ll be talking about the awesome next week!

Music includes Kirby Krackle’s Going Home. Thanks to Critical Myth for their promo!

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