Welcome back to the Fandomfest review, including all the awesome things we enjoyed!

One of Andy’s favorite things was the array of costumes, while Christina enjoyed the family themed costumes. Glenn appreciated the family friendly daytime things and then the after hours themes. He lists off the off the beaten track things that people may have missed. Andy talks about his Cards Against Humanity experience. Christina appreciated the calmer crowds. Another of Glenn’s favorite moments was meeting Adam Baldwin. Adam loved the unexpected highlights in the photo booth. Christina votes for John Barrowman’s panel as her favorite moment, given that he’s such a brilliant storyteller. Brad appreciated that John was honest about some of the hiccups of the convention. Adam talks about how John was during the photo-op sessions. Justin’s favorite moments come from fans who came together through all the line-standing. William Shatner was a big draw, and his panel did not disappoint. Justin asks who the one celebrity to draw us back in would be. David Tennant, and other Whovians make the list. Mention of any of the Browncoats brings the discussion to the Firefly panel and Nathan Fillion.

The Guilty Pleasure this week is not so guilty! Robot Chicken DC Comic special takes its place as a funnily irreverent look at comics.

Blood Orange Mike’s Hard Lemonade refreshes these geeks, and it might not go over as well as the apple pie whiskey, but it’s quite tasty. Glenn talks about the orange vanilla Hi-C.

Brad was happy to meet Neil Adams. Glenn would love to see anyone from the Game of Thrones cast. Justin is a harder sell, needing them to remedy some of the issues from this year. They brainstorm people they’d love to meet. Christina was impressed by Jason David Frank and Stan Lee. Brad tells of John Barrowman and Colin Baker and pictures with Tardises. Overall, there may have been issues, but the weekend had many wonderful memories!

If you’ve had a convention horror story or some great con experiences, let us know!

Thanks to Mikey Mason with “Mamas Goin’ Dancing”, Steve Goodie’s “Cover of The Rolling Stone [Boston Version]” and “House Party at Arkham Asylum” by The Great Luke Ski for the music this week!

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