Glenn is back! Family things have kept him away, but he’s also been archiving his artistic past. He is researching WordPress and converting his old sites, using his scanner to digitize his art. It brings the subject of how important it is to archive paper-format art. Adam’s work has been stressful, but he is combating that with hiking and fun things with Cristalle. He is toying with the idea of running the Tough Mudder again. When he’s back in the Adam Cave, he is playing GTAV. Glenn gets the call to fly, so the gang strives to be good in his absence. Christina has successfully converted her mom to the world of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Result! She talks about her brother and dad racing their vehicles at Norwalk Raceway. Christina and Brad debate drag racing as a sport. She thanks Traci for suggesting Ready Player One as an audio book. Brad is having trouble with Unemployment and the fun of the fine print.

Geek Cuisine is breaking in the fall season in true PodCulture style! Candy Corn Oreos usher in the era of Hallow-themed goodness. Christina had cracked open a pack of her own the week prior and offers comforting advice. It may smell the epitome of candy corn, but the flavor is all Oreo!

When Glenn returns to the studio, the discussion turns to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Well versed in the worlds of Marvel and Whedon, the gang discusses characters, sets and scrips. They include hopes and expectations for the beloved Agent Coulson, as well as what thoughts they have for upcoming episodes.
Thanks to Kirby Krackle for their songs “The Same Thing” and “Secret Identity”.

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By Brad

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