Welcome back to part B!

Brad opens the episode with Game Chat, as Adam discusses Grand Theft Auto V. They debate the responsibility of a game company versus parents to control content for kids. Brad thinks the MPAA rating should be used to streamline understanding. He and Adam both spent time working a game stores and were sticklers for the law. Adam is impressed with the scope of the world in the game and the extent of the detail. They mention a couple of spoofs. Adam talks about Saints Row IV and the epic customizability. Christina compares it all to Oasis in Ready Player One. Adam lists off some of the cooler aspects of the game, and Christina wants to play as Breaking Bad characters.

Christina is playing Hay Day, still sucked in after she unlocked the calico cat. Her favorite thing recently is a photo app called Perfect 365 and she is systematically ridding the world of her eye bags. When she isn’t making her pictures presentable or feeding digital felines, she’s playing Bloons TD Battles.

Brad is playing Scribblenauts Unmasked, a Scribblenauts DC Comics crossover. He gives a synopsis and some of his favorite obscure hero moments so far. Christina appreciates the challenges of English that it presents.

Glenn is back just in time for Geek Cuisine! Adam brought Maple Bacon Kettle Chips.The gang finds them very tasty, but more barbecue than bacon.

In a timey wimey TV and DVD talk, Adam opens with Breaking Bad, but Christina is farther behind. She is looking forward to Better Call Saul. Adam talks about some theories and then they get derailed when Brad finds out Adam hasn’t seen Babylon 5. Adam has watched the documentary Side By Side on Netflix. He is happy that season 2 of Legend of Korra is back on Nickelodeon. Christina is rewatching Red Dwarf and got Brad to watch Wilfred. Brad and she are sad that Copper was cancelled. Christina watched the mockumentary The Trip, In The Loop and randomly got sucked in to Monarch of The Glen. The documentary Biography of a Corpse was interesting. She takes some time to talk about Ricky Gervais and the show Derek.

Music includes Kirby Krackle with “Up Up Down Down” and “One More Episode”.

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