Cristalle joins the group this week and after having finished Firefly, she looks forward to seeing Serenity. Christina and Brad shares the near miss with Nathan Fillion. Cristalle is also watching Breaking Bad. Christina is catching up on her documentaries and is glad to be talking her brother. She tells the story of Eric and a bag of cookies. Glenn shares that a story of his is going to be published. They talk about snowpocalypse. Adam is working and enjoying indoctrinating Cristalle in Geekdom. She’s trying to get him to watch Damages. Brad suggests The Blue Rose. Adam tells of the discovering scuba event at his dive shop. Brad is pounding the virtual pavement, and shares about a sketchy interview and asks for good vibes on on he’s hopeful for.

Cristalle provides Geek Cuisine this week, from Jungle Jim’s! After watching True Facts about the Cuttlefish on YouTube, she reveals the cuisine awaiting us is Cuttlefish jerky and Bug Barf soda!

Christina opens TV and DVD talk by talking about The Blue Planet on Netfix. Glenn watched Almost Human with the gang last week. Brad, Adam and Christina love it, and Glenn is interested. Sleepy Hollow is wrapping up for the season. Brad and Christina finished watching the run of Common Law. Glenn is watching Being Human and Dracula. Cristalle talks about when things are geographically wrong on the screen. Glenn and Carly are loving Face Off. Grimm is back and Hannibal has returned to make everyone uncomfortable. They discuss Justified and SHIELD.

Music includes “Leaf On The Wind” by Adam WarRock and Mikal kHill and “A Town Called Mercy” by Alex Carpenter.

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