Due to some audio issues during recording; the latest episodes of PodCulture will be delayed a week. In the meantime…enjoy this classic episode from five years ago!

Come pledge to the Geek House, ladies and gents!

Glenn’s been keeping up with Lost and Heroes, while making sure his WoW-verse doesn’t get neglected. In his day job, Glenn recalls the movie Runaway, while watching a robot investigate a “suspicious package”. Adam’s a lumberjack, and he’s okay, as he takes down remnants of the ice storm in his backyard. He’s finally got power, and has been enjoying season two of Doctor Who, including the gorgeous CGI work in “Satan Pit”. Adam also fills us in on the fanglorious True Blood. We discuss how sci-fi has found its way into “mainstream” television, and the fact that it’s chic to be geek. Christina’s got new brainy specs, and has managed to fit in more House while she packs for her vacation in Cleveland. Brad’s got new eyeballs, too, and has been fighting off the “adjustment migraine” from hell.

The gang geeks in depth about Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, on the Fox Network. We discuss what impressed or disappointed us, how we compare it to Jekyll and My Own Worst Enemy, and Christina psychoanalyzes the Tina and Ike relationship Joss has with the Evil One. What’s your view? Do you have a guess for the dead pool? What are your theories about Amy Acker’s role? Email us!

Geek Cuisine is the rainbowfied Skittles Crazy Cores candies, and Brad shares his recipe for Skittles-infused vodka. Christina puts out the request to the listeners for a recipe for a “Sonic Screwdriver”. The pack talks about dinner at Red Robin.

In closing, Christina gives Brad part of his Valentine’s Day prezzie, which is a license plate holder from the lovely folk from Quantum Mechanix, that reads, “A Leaf On The Wind-Wash Is My Copilot”.

Our promo comes courtesy of The Weird Show!

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