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Adam is watching, and loving, Community. Almost Human is on his list and is looking forward to Common Law. The trailer is out for The Fault In Our Stars and he is anticipating the film. Everyone is waiting for the new SHIELD episode. Glenn and Brad talk about J. August Richards and his recurring character, comparing the pros and cons of having a character used on tv rather than hoping for a full movie. Brad, Christina and Adam watched Black Sails. Adam likens it to Michael Bay playing Black Flag. Christina enjoys seeing Jeff from Doctor Who as a sailor. Christina and Brad are watching Three Musketeers with Peter Capaldi as the baddie.

Geek Cuisine is spring-like with Lemon Crème Oreos!

The Guilty Pleasure is shared this week as they all have watched Baffled with Leonard Nimoy. A backdoor pilot for a series that never happened, the movie focuses our favorite Vulcan playing a clairvoyant race car driver who uses his power to get to the bottom of contrived plot twists. Fans of Star Trek will enjoy the wry humor, but the momentum of the movie never quite gets up to speed.

Music includes Marian Call’s “We’re Out For Blood”, “Geek Rock” by Sci-Fried and “Hunt ‘Em All Down” by Kirby Krackle

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