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Christina opens with her dental work and the fact that she ordered a Fitbit Force through her work rewards program. Adam has been working out and finishing Breaking Bad with Cristalle. Glenn has been accepted as a guest for Derby City Comicon and is looking forward to it. He’s playing Call of Duty: Ghost and has just finished book 7 of C.E. Martin’s Stone Soldier series. Glenn’s own writing projects are underway as well. Brad is working hard at finding work and has been blessed enough to have listeners give him a hand.

Christina gets to open TV and DVD Talk since all her watching has consisted of Dirty Jobs on Netflix. She’s a little bit in love with Mike Rowe now, and finds he was part of her growing up without even knowing it. Glenn has watched An Adventure In Space and time, and the gang takes a few minutes to discuss this beloved bio-pic of our favorite Timelord. He still hasn’t watched Arrow and Almost Human, but they’re on his DVR. He and Christina are both let down about this third season of American Horror Story. Being Human is off the map compared to the UK version, but the differences are interesting. Glenn’s watching Bitten, but Christina is boycotting Laura Vandervoot.

Geek Cuisine is the food and fruit of the gods this week. Adam shares Framboise Raspberry lambic beer and Glenn shares raspberry M&Ms.

Back to TV, Glenn has ordered Defiance on dvd and is plowing through Dracula. He talks about the incongruousness on Face-Off. Carly is rewatching Hannibal and the gang is watching Helix. Sleepy Hollow on hiatus now, but they discuss a few of the bits they loved in the mid-season break. Glenn’s finally caught up on Supernatural and still calls Vampire Diaries the best show on TV, discussing the 100th episode. Teen Wolf is keeping up the mantle of enjoyable fun. Brad and Glenn talk about the Bronze Tiger character on Arrow. The Tomorrow People is still pretty neat, but not quite on the “favorite” list. The Following is creepy this season. Adam and Cristalle finished Breaking Bad.

Music includes Multi-Tasking by Drew Jacobs and Beer Beer Beer by Beatnik Turtle

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