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Justin joins us this week! Adam opens with the joys of going back to school. He’s fighting off a cold but his new phone is a good consolation. Glenn has been working crazy hours, so he hasn’t had time to keep up with the new DC movie: Justice League War. Brad and Christina went to the Kristin Chenoweth concert and loved every second of it. Justin has had the universe trying to make it up to him since he had an illness. He’s been watching the Olympics for the Canadian women’s curling team and has had to debunk some Onion articles for his coworkers. Brad is still job searching and was impressed by a proper actual rejection letter. He vows revenge on whoever hit his car’s tail light. In a swap, he trades his Tomb Raider game for the new Fable.

Adam talks about his new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. He compares and contrasts it with Brad’s old Galaxy S3.They discuss the screen, battery life and other favorite selling points.

Glenn provides Geek Cuisine this week with Starburst Fruity Slushies! Starburst texture with the flavor of some of our favorite slushies!

Christina has been taking advantage of Netflix, enjoying The Croods. She started watching Deadliest Catch for a Mike Rowe fix, but got sucked into caring about the crew. Adam is rewatching Orange Is The New Black and shared more Doctor Who with Cristalle. House of Cards is back and Justin and Adam discuss. He watched the director’s extended edition of Avatar while he was sick. Adam and Justin both talk about The Lego Movie, loving the style, the story and everything about it.

Music includes Fight The System by Dino-Mike and F-ing Cold Outside by Fort. The promo this week comes courtesy of Tales From The Archives.

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