Peter Weller welcomes you to the next episode of PodCulture!

Glenn opens this half of TV and DVD talk with Vampire Diaries. Christina is tired of Tyler and Glenn appreciates the nuances performances of Nina Dobrev. He and Carly are pleasantly surprised by The Tomorrow People and The Walking Dead is brilliantly stressful. The Following is awful in a fabulous way. Glenn and Carly are watching Star Crossed. He compares it to Alien Nation with a love story at the heart of it. True Detective is on his radar now, and he suggests it for fans of Hannibal and Dexter. Brad and Christina talk about Frozen. They’re back watching Bates Motel and enjoy the creep factor. Brad’s worried about Castle jumping the shark and Christina wants a Ryan and Esposito spin-off. The good guy/bad guy ratio on Justified is becoming for more skewed.

Geek Cuisine is grown up this week, as Andy shares his Tullamore Dew.

Guilty Pleasures this week comes from Adam, giving something to everyone with Knights of Badassdom. A fun romp incorporating so many levels of PodCulture fandom, it was loveable, cheesy goodness. Glenn shares a story from his film-making past and Andy is still in the midst of his own LARP group.

Andy’s final thought is to go out and enjoy the spring! Christina wants good tv suggestions, especially on Netflix. Glenn has been invited to the River City Comic Expo as a guest, and looks forward to the charity event for The Fund For The Eyes. Brad’s final thought is about the Fable Anniversary game. He shares the wonderful story of Andy ordering The Avengers Emma Peel Megaset for Brad. There is no substitute for wonderful friends.

Music this week includes Let ‘Em Burn by Morgan O’Brien and the promo comes courtesy Tales From The Archives.

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