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Cristalle sends a Geek Cuisine, making up for the Cuttlefish Jerky, in the form of white chocolate carrot cake M&Ms!

Adam has finished up Orange Is The New Black and looks forward to the darker season to come. Andy and Adam are watching Cosmos and Adam talks about the ever-cool Neil deGrasse Tyson. The boys discuss the wrath of Game of Thrones, so if you’re not caught up, step out for a moment! Andy talks about the Game of Thrones cookbook that Mrs. Freehold bought. Brad asks the teacher about his impressions of the show vs the books. Brad talks about Arrow and Andy looks forward to catching up. Brad and Andy talk about Being Human. Andy suggests a segment of US vs UK shows. Continuum is back and Brad talks about the one tv station to rule them all. He mentions that Christina is watching Deadliest Catch. Law and Order UK is back on the docket. Andy has been teaching his kids Agatha Christie, so he’s been showing them the series as well with a cameo by Peter Capaldi. Everyone is looking forward to the next series of Doctor Who. Adam watches At Midnight on Comedy Central and enjoyed seeing Karen Gillan on as a guest. Brad talks about Michael Socha’s crossover from Wonderland to Once Upon A Time. Brad is still gutted by the last few episodes of Warehouse 13. Everyone has seen Catching Fire, so they discuss the adaptation between the book and the film. Brad nerds out about it being filmed in the Marriott.

In a second seasonal Geek Cuisine, the boys enjoy Blue Raspberry Peeps!

Music includes Tribbles by Debbs and Errol and Batman Arkham Origins by Insane Ian

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