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Back to TV and DVD talk, Supernatural Tribes hasn’t been picked up, but it wasn’t bad. Everyone hopes Colbie Smothers will play a larger part in SHIELD. Justin talks about the new game coming out and Marvel Universe Live. He continues about the shows being axed, including Believe and Crisis, while Hannibal and Grimm remain. Most of the gang’s CW lineup is safe. Elementary is still afoot and Hawaii Five-O is still surfing the high. They debate the merit of literary Hannibal vs televised. The group switches to Orphan Black and the utter genius of Tatiana Maslany and the epicness that is the seamlessness of the show. Game of Thrones had them both doing the happy dance and feeling a bit of empathy. Justin and Christina talk about True Detective. They agree that binge watching it is the best way to go. Brad has breaking news that Baja Blast Mountain Dew is available at stores. Christina compares True Detective to a sick cross between Hawaii Five-O and Hannibal. Penny Dreadful is intensely promising and the UK’s Prey with the masterful John Simm adds to the list.

Geek Cuisine is hippity hoppity this week with Mike & Ike Easter Treats!

Christina defends her love of tv as an art form. Justin has a whole list of shows to catch up on. Christina and Brad have different schedules, so she’s having a BBC fest. The pair are watching Continuum, despite the newest season is hurting Christina’s brain. Although Wonderland is cancelled, Michael Socha will be back in Storybrooke. Cristalle and Adam watched the Bronies documentary and sees the phenomena in a whole new light. He also watched the newest RoboCop and is less than impressed. Justin talks about a film called Cheap Thrills, which is The Hangover meets a horror movie. Christina has been watching the creepily comedic Inside No. 9, the period piece called Crimson Field, and is caught up on Deadliest Catch. She is most in love with Time Team, the UK archaeology series hosted by Tony Robinson.

In close, they hypothesize about the distant future of PodCulture. Christina thanks her mom for enabling all her nerdity over the years. Adam thanks his mom for all her support. Justin thanks his mom, Carol, for helping get him where he is today. He suggests everyone going to the gym. Brad thanks his mom for encouraging his geekdom.

Music includes “If 50’s The New 30” by Drew Jacobs and “Across The Pond” by Circus Box 21. The promo this week comes courtesy of Space Casey.

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