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Justin is sitting in Glenn’s seat this week! He’s joined a gym and is enjoying both the health benefits and the eye candy. He’s met HIS Doctor and will have many stories to tell. Adam has been working like crazy and training for the Tough Mudder competition. He shares the story of helping rescue a bicyclist in an accident. Christina and her sister have gotten older, her bridge is complete and the BBC has been on constantly while Brad is working. Brad’s work hours are odd, but he’s enjoying it so far.

Justin votes for a game segment and discusses Japanese RPGs, including Child of Light and Ni No Kuni. In Child of Light, from Ubisoft, he praises the gorgeous art and completely unique turn-based style. The iambic pentameter dialogue and bedtime story style wholly sucked him in. Next, he speaks about Ni No Kuni, including the music from the Tokyo Philharmonic. He especially enjoys the weapon creation and hours of gameplay. Brad and Christina talk about the recent updates to Doctor Who: Legacy. Adam talks about Daylight, the survival paranormal game that he’s decided to play only during the day and that he’s playing X-Comm again. Justin talks about Silent Hill scaring him long ago while Christina was creeped out by 7th Guest. Dragon’s Lair scared Justin as a child and System Shock 2 unnerved Adam.

Geek Cuisine this week is a new favorite of the crew: Lindeman’s Raspbeery Framboise Lambic. Kindly provided by Adam!

In TV and DVD talk, the cancellation of Almost Human ranks right up there with Firefly for our gang. Adam and Justin are bummed out by the axe of Community. Justin lists off some of the shows that got renewed or cancelled, including the epic marathon of The Simpsons. The group talks about Arrow and the developments happening. They move to SHIELD and the tie-in with Winter Soldier.

Music this week includes Super Monkey by Insane Ian, Outside The Box by Steve Goodie and Restraining Order Love Song by Mikey.

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