After a special preshow voicemail PodCulture interrupts the normal geekery with a very special episode in honor of the birthday of Brad’s late father. This 65 minute episode is full of bloopers, blunders, outtakes and deleted scenes (aka the infamous “needle scratches”) along with a bunch of fun music too! It is meant to have fun and honor his memory as a time of celebration and not of sadness. Don’t worry…the PodCulture crew returns to their usual brand of wacky next week!

Special Musical guests include:

Rob Balder with “Muppet Laboratories”

“Grandma’s House” by Bonecage

“In The 80s” by Devo Spice

“I Drink Well With Others by Steve Goodie

Beatnik Turtle with “Finnegan’s Wake”

By Brad

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