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Glenn is slowly getting caught up on Arrow and everyone’s a Felicity fan. Glenn got to meet Manu Bennett, making Christina swoon. Orphan Black is stunning Brad, Adam and Christina on a weekly basis. Adam freaks Christina out by making Gentleman face when she says he’d be a great Matt Frewer. Adam has been watching Cosmos and Game of Thrones. Cristalle and he are watching Orange Is The New Black. He has been enjoying documentaries including Blackfish, so he and Christina discuss the inhumanity of treatment of killer whales. Adam, Christina and Brad discuss Orange Is The New Black and the changes the second season brought. Christina has totally binge watched Community. She shares Decoded With Brad Meltzer with Glenn, the conspiracy investigative documentary series on Amazon Prime. Brad and Christina enjoyed John Simm in Prey.

In close, Christina’s final thought is to ask for good things to watch and she thanks all the geek dads out there. Adam wishes everyone an adventure and talks about his cool new wheels. Glenn talks about getting killed off in his cousin, C.E. Martin’s latest book. He talks about how he names his characters in his own stories. Wonderfest happened and Glenn mentions hanging out with Rick Sternbach and meeting Phil Tippett. Brad’s final thought is that everything is going well and the cuteness of Clara. Christina shares the tale of Clara’s tumble in her toy basket.

Music this week includes “Will You Help Me Hide A Body” (A Frozen Parody) and “Automagically” by Beatnik Turtle.

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