Welcome to PodCulture with special guest, Mark (aka Jayhawk) from Kansas

Glenn talks about Derby City Comicon and finishing his novella, Darkness Unbound: Lady In Black. He has been invited Oldham County Comic convention, Cincy Comicon and Fandomfest and explains the way tables are often priced. Adam is working hard and nursing his computer back to health after a motherboard transplant. He takes a moment to talk about his new geekmobile, his new Ford Fusion, and the story of the little old Whovian. Mark’s been traveling around the states, beginning in Kansas City, stopping in Nashville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN with a final layover in Louisville. He talks about the new project at work, retooling drone technology for service repairmen. Christina is sad about being caught up with Community, but thrilled the sixth season will be coming on Yahoo. Brad is back on the job hunt but the pair are celebrating Clara’s Feline Liberation Day.

TVs and DVRs are running full-tilt again! Glenn tells us about The Last Ship with Rona Mitra and Adam Baldwin. Falling Skies is back, and Brad likens it to V. Glenn makes an 80’s Team America toy link. He and Carly are looking forward to Witches of East End and Christina looks forward to catching up on Netflix. Longmire is back and rocking the range. Teen Wolf is back and blowing everyone away as usual.

Geek Cuisine is no surprise hit, as they share Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos! Skeptical, not loving the regular peanut butter Oreos, everyone is impressed with the Reese’s upgrade!

Back with more TV, Under The Dome is back! Defiance has returned and while they appreciate the new softness of Irisa, they’re apprehensive of Julie Benz‘s character plummet. Glenn shares what he knows about Extent and they joke with some theories. Adam questions the new trend of film actors working in TV. Hemlock Grove will be back soon and Christina and Glenn were the only ones interested in the first season. The Strain will be coming and Christina is very excited. Salem grew on she and Brad, helped along by the loveliness of Janet Montgomery. Brad quizzes Glenn on his progress in Arrow. Christina and Brad have been watching The Leftovers with a cameo by Christopher Eccleston. They take a second to say hi to Andy on the Xbox.

Music comes courtesy of Grownups Get To Have Fun Too by Lauren Mayer and Bagels or Beagles by TV’s Kyle.

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By Brad

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