After an intro from our favorite ginger, Tony Curran, we welcome you back to PodCulture!

Brad and Glenn are discussing the Guardians of the Galaxy that they grew up with. Glenn is still watching Last Ship. Carly is disappointed with the shortage of CDC, but The Strain brings it. He is watching The Witches of East End and muddling through Falling Skies. The Lottery will be on his DVR for the quiet ebbs in the season. Christina loves David Bradley in The Strain and they discuss the threads of the show. She likens the main baddie to Robert Englund’s Phantom Of the Opera. Teen Wolf is another show Christina could slap Glenn for getting her sucked into. Brad and Christina are WAY behind on Under The Dome. Face Off is back and Glenn and Carly are both enjoying it. Legends is coming and it looks interesting. Everybody is watching Extant and Christina’s wacko theory about Halle Berry’s hair is proving to be true. Defiance is different for them now, having met the cast, and they appreciate more of the nuances. Brad and Christina finished up the second series of In The Flesh. Christina boycotted Sharknado 2 because of all the cancelled shows that she enjoyed. Longmire is just a fabulous as always. Leftovers is getting cold, with no answers and more questions. Series 2 of Utopia is on and Brad and Christina give a brief overview to catch everyone up. Resurrected for a fourth season, Hell On Wheels is back. Christina is the only one of the pair who is really enjoying Dominion. True Blood is beginning the death rattle, but Deborah Ann Wohl will be coming back on Daredevil.

Geek Cuisine is two gorgeous flavors of Lambic, Cherry and Black Currant. Only Adam and Christina like the black currant, but the cherry is a room pleaser.

Music includes My Love Was Like The Moon by Vixy & Tony and Ring Capacity by Kirby Krackle.

In closing, Glenn asks for suggestions for good things to get in to and reminds you to go to and sign up for the newsletter, you could win a copy of Darkness Unbound:Lady In Black. Adam tells us all to go see Guardians of the Galaxy and enjoy the weather. Christina asks for suggestions for good music. Brad is keeping his fingers crossed for a job.

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(and like any Marvel comics movie…always stay to the end)

By Brad

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