After a welcome by the charming Grant Bowler, we’re back with the second part of the Fandomfest review!

Christina talks about the custom corset makers and assorted brilliant artists and Brad tells of getting the print of the Exploding TARDIS signed by Tony Curran. Christina is inspired by the differences between Tony’s many roles. The pair discuss the completely brilliant Being Human US panel. Glenn votes for Sam Witwer as Remo Williams in the Destroyer series. Brad and Christina remark on the various panels and what different actors “borrowed” from sets they’ve worked on. Brad makes fun of Christina for being a well-behaved girlie fan of Sylvester McCoy and William Katt.

Geek Cuisine is from Fandomfest this week as Glenn, Brad & Christina share Nestle Girl Scout Thin Mint bars.

Christina opens TV and DVD talks about So You Think You Can Dance and how Travis Wall entranced Clara. Her sister has talked her into watching Grey’s Anatomy and now she’s sucked in. Adam finished the first season of Penny Dreadful and everyone marvels at the range of Eva Green. Cristalle has started watching Sherlock and they’re rewatching Better Off Ted. Adam is on season 3 of Legend of Korra. He has finally seen Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Out of morbid curiosity, he watched the Super Mario Brothers movie. Christina opens the can of worms of the favorite video game to movie adaptation. Adam talks about Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thanks to Megapodzilla for their bumper and Luke Ski for his song “Fanboy 2010 edition”.

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