After a welcome by the charming Sylvester McCoy, Brad introduces an impromptu PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus!

The first segment is the four crew going over the first two episodes. Glenn defends his stance on the “saving the world in his jim-jams” introduction episodes. They take time to discuss what they love about Peter Capaldi. Glenn’s not thrilled about the constant back-and-forth to Earth but Christina enjoys their unspoken agreement. Adam has gotten Cristalle into Doctor Who with episodes like Blink and Vincent and The Doctor. They discuss who Missy might be and what “Heaven” might mean. Brad and Christina watched the pre-air version and compare it to the post-production episode and discuss the differences in the experience. The gang talks about the need to get Capaldi on the Craig Ferguson show. Glenn mentions that Peter is in Lair of the White Worm with a terribly young Hugh Grant. Christina loves the snarky relationship between 12 and Clara. They all have points about his costume and Christina especially enjoys the understated way about him. Christina recommends watching In The Loop and The Thick Of It for Capaldi fans. Moving on to “Into The Dalek”, they compare it to Eccleston’s “Dalek” episode. Christina mentions her favorite line of the episode. Brad and Christina rewatched a few of David episodes, falling down the rabbit hole. Everyone likes Danny Pink so far, but wonder what’s in store for him. Christina’s Mom is convinced Journey Blue and Danny Pink are related.

Geek Cuisine is Cinnamon Jose Cuervo. Christina prefers it to Fireball, but she’s the minority. Thumbs up all around!

Welcoming Cristalle into the studio is a bumper from the ever-handsome Peter Davison. The newly-minted Whovian, talks about episodes she’s seen, including the Moffat written episodes. Making Adam happy to watch it with him, she dove into Peter’s TARDIS head first. She’s recently watched David Tennant’s Christmas Invasion, and appreciates the special effects having grown over the season as well as the TARDIS translations. She found the moment between Matt and Clara on the phone very touching. Christina mentions the changing of his costume and her new understanding of the lack of the “wardrobe scene”. Brad brings up the “missus and the ex” scene in School Reunion. Everyone has a theory of why The Doctor chose the Fires of Pompeii face. Cristalle’s first Dalek episode was “Into The Dalek”, and she talks about how they’re less scary to a new Whovian than they were at their inception.

Music includes Alex Carpenter’s “Time And Relative Dimensions In Space” and “Teenage Rebel”.

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