After a velvety welcome from Adrian Paul, we welcome you back to PodCulture!!

Brad thanks Rob and Bobby from The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio (also Voice of Geeks Network shows )for representing PodCulture at the Parsec Awards, even though PodCulture didn’t win. Glenn is still working on his second book. He reveals the winner of the drawing for the print edition of his finished book, Darkness Unbound: Lady In Black. Congratulations to David Thornton! He will be attending Imaginarium in Louisville as both a vendor and a panelist. Adam sends a shout out to his sister who has decided to follow her vocation and join the Salesian Sisters in New Jersey and talks about the great Convent as well as their day visit to New York City. He takes a moment to honor his grandma who had passed. Christina is super proud of her little sister for going to college. Other than being sucked into Netflix, she’s had a quiet week. Brad is bummed he didn’t get to go to Dragon Con, but he’s still beating the virtual pavement for a job. He and Christina shares the obsession Clara shares with Taco Bell’s breakfast. Glenn weighs in that he appreciates breakfast at Wendy’s.

Amazing Spiderman 2 is coming out on DVD and Captain America: Winter Soldier will be out soon. Brad and Christina gush about the sweetness of Anthony Mackie. Last Ship concluded, and everyone enjoyed it. Outlander has begun and Adam gives a brief synopsis, Christina is sold on the costume dramaness of it. Legends is coming out and everyone is excited that Sean Bean doesn’t die. After Doctor Who on BBC America, the show called Intruders has intrigued Glenn. The second season of Witches of East End is still enjoyable and he still hasn’t started watching The Lottery. The one he and Carly are most excited about is The Strain. Everyone loves Sean Astin and David Bradley. Teen Wolf is ramping up the cliff hangers in the style of Vampire Diaries and Christina is excited about Alaric returning to the latter. Glenn is still watching Under The Dome, but everyone else has fallen by the wayside. Face-Off is putting a twist on the conventional competition. Christina talked about Clara’s fixation on Travis Wall’s choreography on So You Think You Can Dance. Three of the four are watching Extant, and Glenn likens it to putting Helix, an alien show and a robot show in a blender. He talks about the coolness of the emergency roadside cell phone. Haven will be back soon on a new night, and in its old place is Z Nation. Sleepy Hollow returns on Glenn’s birthday along with the Big Bang Theory, followed the next day by Agents of SHIELD, with Bones not far behind. Once Upon A Time will be back by the end of the month. Vampire Diaries will be back the first week of October along with David Tennant in Grace Point. Reign returns for a second season, and Christina needs to pick up with it. Homeland will also be returning to Showtime.

Geek Cuisine is a mix of two of the most favorite of the crews sweets. Girl Scouts Nestle Caramel Crunch (aka Samoa cookies wrapped in Nestle!)

Music includes Mangry by Mikey Mason and thank you to TG Geeks for their promo!

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