After a welcome by the lovely Miracle Laurie, we bring you a bonus episode of PodCulture!

Glenn opens book talk with having taken some listener suggestions, including William Massa’s new series called Occult Assassins, starting with Ice God. It reminded him of a James Bond/Destroyer kind of character line. Evil ancient things in the wrong human hands is just the kind of thing up Glenn’s alley. He discusses the synopsis and the main characters. On vacation, Adam was reading, I Hope They Serve Beer In (H), which is a compilation of stories by Tucker Max. Brad has read Doctor Who: Engines of War, featuring adventures of The War Doctor.

Geek Cuisine is scorching us all with Cinerator Cinnamon Whiskey!

Glenn’s Guilty Pleasure this week is Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark. What you see is pretty much what you get, especially with the cameo by Debbie Gibson. The geeks appreciate the starring roles of Christopher Judge and Elisabeth Rohm.

Music includes Sci-Fried’s “If I Only Had A Horse”. Thanks to MegaPodzilla for their promo!

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