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Cristalle is still in the studio! Adam and she have been watching Bojack Horseman. While it’s not a stretch of Aaron Paul, Will Arnett and he make it worth the watch. They’ve watched a few episodes of Sherlock. Cristalle loves the effects of the texting and thoughts on the screen. There isn’t anyone who has latched on to Leftovers, aside from the Christopher Eccleston character storyline. Christina tells the Liv Tyler anecdote that she heard on the radio. They try to figure out if it’s worth trying to understand. Adam and Cristalle are planning to watch True Detective. The only thing Christina has been watching is Grey’s Anatomy and she gushes about the emotional roller coaster. Brad, Glenn & Christina have watched Son of Batman. Falling Skies is back and still okay. Brad is unimpressed with the parallels to V. Hell On Wheels is back, rescued from the depths of cancellation. Finally, they’ve finished True Blood. The end was weak and disappointing according to all involved, despite a few deeper episodes in the season.

Geek Cuisines include Carmel Apple Oreos and Cristalle gets to catch up on Geek Cuisines from the past few episodes.

In close, Glenn has given writing a break to play Destiny on the PS4. Cristalle was glad to be in the studio. Christina gives a plug to The Cincinnati Comic Expo. Brad’s just hoping to have job luck.

Thanks to The British Invaders Podcast and Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV for their promos! Special thanks to Beatnik Turtle for their song, “Johnny Jump Up” from their album, Sham Rock.

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