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We have been out and about to a few conventions, including Imaginarium and The Cincinnati Comic Expo, but before we get into that, Christina is proud that her little sister got her driving license. Adam has been diving, managing to just about keep his ears in check, while he was exploring a sunken 727 plane. He and his sister explored with a DVP. He is only 2 more dives for being Advanced Certified. Cristalle took him to the OK Go concert for his birthday. Other than conventions, he’s playing Destiny. Adam interjects that he bought an Xbox One and picked up Destiny as well. Glenn went to Imaginarium and is getting ready to share his book at Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville. Brad is still hitting the virtual pavement, despite his constellation of rejection e-mails during the Cincinnati Comic Expo weekend.

Geek Cuisine is a brilliant mash-up. What’s better than a Twinkie or chocolate? A Hostess Chocodile Twinkie covered in that cocoa goodness.

Glenn starts TV and DVD talk with Z Nation. While it’s obviously an Asylum Production, it’s entertaining. Christina gives a brief synopsis and is freaked out by the zombie baby, but DJ Qualls as a main character sucked her in. Everyone at Imaginarium was talking about Outlander, so Glenn missed it while he was there. Brad and Christina have caught it, and although the romance novel bits annoy her, the time travel parts rock. Glenn is watching Intruders and is happy that some plots are starting to make sense. Once Upon A Time is due to return and Christina needs to catch up with Witches of East End. Carly is watching Revenge and suggested it to the grateful Christina. Adam needs to catch up, but the rest of the gang loves The Strain. Glenn and Brad are tentatively optimistic about Gotham. Brad picks some nits, but the darkness and ambiguity impress Glenn. Alfred is Christina’s favorite so far. Brad and Glenn discuss wish-list crossovers with other superhero tv series.

Music by the adorkable Marian Call with “We’re Out For Blood” and “Zombie Apocalypse” by Kirby Krackle.

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