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We sofa spuds are still entrenched in our TV watching as Glenn continues his list. Big Bang Theory is back and the biggest talk is about the sadness of Penny’s hair. Sleepy Hollow is back with a twist. He’s still enjoying Faceoff. Haven is a bonus size this season to wrap it up. Christina is loving the range of Emily Rose. Glenn is still watching Legends, but everybody else needs to catch up. He feels it’s even more Manchurian Candidate than he expected. Reign and Vampire Diaries are on their way back, but everyone is curious about how they Americanize Gracepoint. Christina is broken-hearted about the state of Fitz, but Ward finally interests her. The whole gang can’t wait to see what happens. The boys discuss the comic ramifications of the villains. Adam hasn’t had much time for TV lately, but is enjoying Doctor Who and At Midnight on the Comedy Central App. Christina blames Justin for getting her hooked on the Canadian comedy, Corner Gas She has Carly to blame for watching Revenge, and has downloaded Paul McGann’s “The Hanging Gale”. The gang hasn’t watched Selfie, but they all have their different reasons for watching it. Brad and Christina are watching Hell On Wheels and Scorpion, which Justin equates to CSI: Big Bang Theory. The pair are watching NCIS: New Orleans for two good reasons; Scott Bakula and CCH Pounder. Everyone has given up on The Leftovers. Glenn and Adam talk about Godzilla and were both pleasantly pleased.

Back with some Game Chatter, Christina brings her same phone games to the table, so she goes first. Brad and Glenn start with talking about Destiny. Glenn was disappointed with getting the game online, and the download time. Adam actually scorched earth and sold his XBox 360 and games for an XBox One. The boys discuss plots, weapons and some favorite guest voices. Brad got Diablo 3 with his birthday money after trying it through Redbox.

Our music, this week, is a Diablo 3 Musical Parody: Hey There Kandala by DreamWeaver23.

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