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Glenn opens with a Marvel-ous Guilty Pleasure, Avengers Confidential. With Black Widow and Punisher as a pair, it worked far better than anyone expected. The fight scenes were especially realistic. Although an animated film, the body count was quite high.

Geek Cuisine comes from Adam this week and of a grownup nature. He shares Taylor Wine which is a tawny port and Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon.

Christina starts Geek And Tell with her Misfit Shine. Glenn’s birthday has passed and Carly got him the Funko Pop figures of RoboCop and Judge Dredd. For himself, he bought a die cast Robbie the Robot from X Plus. Christina nearly forgets her covert desk Eiffel Tower knife. Brad tells of finding the Injustice Green Lantern, Phoenix and the Power Battery from a bargain bin, and an armful of retro style Kenner Firefly figures. Glenn talks about the Loot Crate system.

Music includes Anthem For XBox Live by Bonecage, Lookin’ Out My Back Door by Steve Go and Paul & Storm with Write Like The Wind.

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