Welcome back to PodCulture’s 450th episode

Glenn is back for a quick visit, before work gets crazy in the fall. He talks about his book signing at Steamboat Days and the graciousness of fellow Kentuckiana Writers Group.

Glenn steps out, and Adam and Andy step in for TV and DVD talk. The IT Crowd is trying to be re-rebooted for America, and we’re all glad Community is getting another chance. Brad and Christina are watching NCIS New Orleans for Scott Bakula and CCH Pounder. Once Upon A Time has taken a chilly turn as the characters from Frozen appear going in a different direction. They appreciate Elizabeth Mitchell’s evil and the adorableness of Michael Socha. Christina and Brad are the only ones watching Scorpion, (aka CSI:Big Bang Theory) and Christina’s afraid it’ll be cancelled before it finds its feet. The pair’s two favorite vampire shows, The Originals and Vampire Diaries are still going strong. Agents of SHIELD continues to ramp up the tension. Brad is worried about Lola. Winter Soldier is out on dvd and Adam and Andy talk about the outtakes. Switching universes, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes Timey Wimey to a new level. Hawaii Five-O is back and the cast of Lost continues to expand. The Strain continues to rock it out of the park each week.

Geek Cuisine is back with an old favorite in a new flavor. Mt. Dew Game Fuel Lemonade. The boys then put Fireball in their glasses. Christina tries the mini bottles of odd flavored vodka when she can’t sleep. Brad tells the story of the uber-grossness of the neighbors.

Glenn is back for a Guilty Pleasure with Zombie Hunter. He gives us the bizarre synopsis and his disappointment at the short appearance of Danny Trejo. This genre-defying, confusion of characters with inconsistent weaponry solidifies itself as a Z-movie extraordinaire.

Music includes X-Men:Born This Way (A Lady Gaga Parody), One Ring (A One Direction Parody), and Let One Go (A Frozen Parody).

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By Brad

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