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Andy is sitting in for Glenn this week as Glenn is off celebrating Carly’s birthday! Brad starts things off by announcing that he got a job and thanks Andy for the lead with a bottle of Tullamore Dew! Christina’s been talking to her siblings a lot and watching a lot of tv. Adam is working hard and enjoying time with Cristalle on The Belle of Cincinnati. He tells the joke of their Halloween party costumes and the need to get back in to running. Andy is teaching juniors in English, so every day is an adventure of reading their papers. He continues his foam fighting on the weekends.

Geek Cuisine sees an old favorite with a technicolor twist. Orange S’Cream Twinkies end up just as tasty as the originals.

In TV and DVD, the fall shows are either back or will be soon. Comic books are back in full swing, starting with The Flash. Walking Dead started with a bang (SPOILERS). Brad wants to get away from the Bruce and Alfred Show and back into Gotham, but everyone else loves seeing the younger, fatherly butler. Adam makes the connection to the Penguin and Walking Dead. Arrow is back and Christina is doing the Olicity Dance. They theorize about Laurel’s leather-clad future. They’re all into Doctor Who and everyone loves Peter Capaldi, despite his darkness and adored Flapper-Era Clara. Christina loves Foxes’ cover of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and talks about why her mom hates Danny Pink so much. She asks why the fandom dislikes Clara. The discussion evolves into why everyone is enjoying Selfie with Karen Gillan and John Cho. The crew who loved Broadchurch is having a hard time with Gracepoint. Christina finds playing opposite the former Mrs. Walter White, Anna Gunn, combined with an American accent, diminishes the awesomeness of David Tennant.

Music includes Across The Pond by Circus Box 21 and Make a ‘Mon Out Of You (a Pokemon parody).

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