Glenn and Brad are in studio with special guest Andy! Andy brought Brad’s favorite podcasting fluid so of course the show kicks off with a few shots! The guys quickly get all caught up on what each other has been up to and then get right on into the show.

Glenn gets the geek party started with the Guilty Pleasure movie: Teenage Exorcist starring scream queen Brinke Stevens. (cheap plug time…Brinke also reads the audiobook version of Glenn’s book Darkness Unbound)

The non flammable Geek Cuisine this week features more Peeps! This time Glenn’s mother found the odd flavors of Strawberry Creme and Orange Creme! Christina even makes a sort-of cameo after Brad texts her teasing that she is missing one of he favorite candies, and she replies back before the segment is over!

Then the guys really start nerding out with TV and DVD-Talk…so much so that the second half will be in next week’s show!

And as always…some great music too!

By Brad

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