The geeksome threesome returns with their special guest, Shane!

We begin with our week in geek with what we’ve been up to. Glenn’s finally watching Lost, more Dangerman and, to Shane’s happiness, the first season of 24. We discuss Keifer (once a vampire), and Donald (once a Watcher) Sutherland. Glenn’s playing Ghost Recon-Advanced Warfighter 2, while Chrisitna is addicted to the simplistic Chicken Invaders 2 on

Brad weaves the epic tale of the ill-timed death of the Culture Cruiser’s battery, and Shane mourns the illness of his brand new HD television, and the horror from

Our DVD players overfloweth this week. Glenn’s watching Children of Men, Lost, and Dangerman, while pining for the Space 1999 set. Brad and Christina talk (spoiler free) about the series finale of Stargate: SG-1. The three discuss Casnio Royale, both pro and con, and even about the James Bond comic by Mike Grell. We cover Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, and the awesomeness of John Glover’s voice.

On a similar note, we discuss the new “remake” genre with TMNT, as well as the upcoming Astroboy and Gatchaman movies. Believe it or not, Christina has a flashback to her childhood adoration of The Greatest American Hero. Did you have a show you watched when you were young? If you’ve seen it again recently, is it as good as you remember, or are you trying to figure out why the heck you ever enjoyed it in the first place? Let us know!

Geek Cuisine this week is Orange Cream Hershey Kisses , and Christina reveals her Peep weakness.

Promos this week come graciously from Cup Car Update, and Indiana Jim (from the Things Are Looking Up podcast) for the Dragon Hearth podcast.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 43: ThunderCats Over Louisville – Part A”
  1. I just want to thank you all for a great geektastic podcast. I discovered you a few weeks back and have been listening to the older episodes on your feed. You guys are just like me and my husband and our gaming buddies. I so wish I were still living in Southern Illinois, because I’d try to arrange a meet where I could go all ‘not worthy’ fangirl or ‘please be my friend, cool kids’ on your three. LOL. Right down to the Iron Man love…

    I adore the Guilty Pleasures segment. I’m so validated! Other people own this crap!

    Anyway, I wanted to express my general fangirl love at this time. You guys rock.

  2. Hey thanks for listening! Always great to hear from other geeks! As for gaming do you guys do Xbox Live? Glenn and I are both are on it and would love to add ya to our friends lists!


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