Prepare for your penance as this week’s show opens with Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures! This time it’s District B-13, written by Luc Besson, of Fifth Element fame. The battle between subtitles and dubbing wages on! Which do you prefer? Reading subtitles and watching a film in its native language, or hearing dubbing actors “interpret” a script?

New toys are abundant this week! Thanks to Browncoat Tabz (of the Fantabzulous and Strangely Literal podcasts), the boys have cool superhero and World of Warcraft toys. Not to be left out, Christina receives a cd from Adam Bush’s band Common Rotation, and enough chocolate to make the Easter Bunny jealous. Thanks, also, to Mark “Jayhawk” for The Runaway Bride and Tom Baker’s Sci-Fi Quiz dvds, as well as episodes of Daybreak and Primeval. Thanks so much to the both of you!

Toy talk continues with Brad’s new Spider Spud, iRiver, and Motorola phone tools kit. Brad and Christina christen their new dvd rack with Batman Beyond season 3, Justice League season 2, Jackie Chan Miracles, Teen Titans:Trouble in Tokyo, and Leroy & Stitch. Not to be called couch potatoes, they also picked up books including Jim Butcher’s Dresden novels Storm Front and Fool Moon, Scott Sigler’s Ancestor, the final novel in the Left Behind series, Kingdom Come, and the heartbreaking Velveteen Rabbit. Brad gives Christina an autographed photo of Mary McDonnell, and picks up the new Trace Adkins cd. Glenn’s bought The Protector, the newest in the Mon-Sieur Bome collection of figures (this time it’s Kasumi of DoA fame), and discusses the loss of his decade-long pony tail, donated to Locks of Love, while Shane shows off his new pick.

In closing, we look forward to the remake of Barbarella by De Laurentis, and the Supernatural:Origins comic. Christina is even more excited than usual by the recently aired episode of Doctor Who, which filmed in Shakespeare’s Globe.

The promo this week graciously given by The Better Late Than Never Podcast.

Music this week by The Great Luke Ski, entitled It Takes Who.

By Brad

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