Welcome back to Geekland! We start this episode with Glenn’s lamentation about not being able to see the Spiderman 3 premiere because of the Kentucky Derby, and Christina has spent her birthday recovering from a pulled wisdom tooth.

Never fear, the fun returns as our trusty dvd players have been working overtime this week. Glenn’s still watching Dangerman and Lost, and we discuss the action figures. He’s bought Smokin’ Aces, Deja Vu, and Night At The Museum, sparking a difference of opinions about Ben Stiller’s talent. Christina mentions the sci-fi epic, Supervolcano. Brad and Christina have been watching Heroes, Doctor Who, and the Stargates. We discuss the annoyance of the breaks between shows like Battlestar Galactica and Torchwood, and Painkiller Jane is next to watch. Finishing up Justice League Unlimited sparks talk about the Aquaman pilot on the XBox 360, as well as the “Justice” episode of Smallville, and David Ogden Stiers playing Martian Manhunter in an ill-planned movie. Speaking of ill-planned, the trio agree that the casting of Matt Damon as Green Arrow in the in-the-works “Super Max”. Matt Damon’s movies Dogma, the Bourne trilogy, and Good Will Hunting get called to the stand. To complete the WTF factor this week, we say hello and goodbye to the Fox series, Drive, and despite the fabulousness of Annie Lennox and Josh Groban, question the sanity of the American Idol Empire. Christina gives a brief review of Paolo Nutini’s new cd.

In our game worlds this week, we come up against Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the XBox 360, Ghost Recon, and Halo 2 maps newly available. Brad and Christina introduce Webkinz as their current favorite time spender, and Glenn’s enjoying the interactivity of the Spiderman 3

Strap on your sweet tooth, and get ready for the post-Easter Geek Cuisine. We enjoy Cadbury’s Orange Cream Eggs, Cadbury’s Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs, and Vanilla Cream Hershey Kisses.

*Christina’s most humble apologies to Tabz for confusing the confectionery goodness she graciously mailed. Trust me, they’re being thankfully enjoyed!*

The promo this week comes courtesy of the Podcasting Track at Dragon Con this August (see you there!), and we thank Tabz from the FanTabzulous and Strangely Literal podcasts.

By Brad

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