Brad and Christina happily welcome Randy from who was gracious enough to play Glenn’s understudy this week!

We open with what’s tickled our TV fancy this week. Randy gives us alternate insight into Heroes, and hypothesize on next season. We welcome the news that DOA is finally going to have a US release, and ruminate on the last few episodes of Doctor Who. Have we seen too much of the Daleks? To our Whovian friends, do you have a favorite Doctor Who villain?

Continuing with TV talk, we share our thoughts on Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Raines, and Veronica Mars. Are we done with Mars Investigations? From Supernatural to Superman, we cover the Winchester brothers, and Smallville. The ghosts of shows past and future make an appearance as we discuss Nathan Fillion’s short-lived Drive, and Summer Glau’s soon-released Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The boys await the Transformers movie with a healthy mixture of trepidation and glee, and discuss Beast Wars along with the new Transformers toys.

Geek Cuisine this time around is the English Nestle Drifter bar.Thumbs up all around!

Thanks to The Signal this week for their Sci-Fi Review comparing Star Wars to Firefly.

Promotions this week come from our dear Mason Rocket via the Joe Murphy Memorial, Tee Morris’ Billibub Baddings, and musical guest is Beatnik Turtle with Star Wars (a film like no other), and Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night.

By Brad

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