After ratings month, Glenn returns to us with news that he’s still watching Lost, and the trio anticipate the season finale, and contemplate the series end. Will it come to an annoying end like Dallas or The Newhart Show? Is it better to have a finite end, or be in limbo like Babylon 5? Noting Lost actors in other roles, we mention Brick and Pulse.

Glenn has picked up Pan’s Labyrinth and The Fountain, and we look forward to his reviews. That is if any of his free time remains after World of Warcraft and Wonderfest.

Our geek toy segment has Randy from reprising his role as Glenn, and talking about the new Transformers Movie swag. Christina shares the story of Brad bested by the Optimus preview figure, and gleams over the JLA and Flash shirts she found at Wal-Mart.

Christina and Brad thank the guys and gals from the Geekshow universe for a fabulous weekend, and encourage our listeners to check us out in our guest spot on Geekshow’s 50th episode.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jayhawk35 aka Mark for his Doctor Who, Primeval, Tripping The Rift, and Red Dwarf dvds! You’re the best, Jayhawk!

Comic talk this week finds Brad and Randy covering Green Lantern Corps #12, Amazing Spidergirl, New Avengers #30, Wonder Woman, JSA Classified-Green Lantern, Alex Ross’ Justice, the final issue of 52, Fantastic Four, Runaways 25 & 26, Green Lantern #18, Justice Society of America, Supernatural:Origins, Astonishing X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Countdown. We discuss the idea of “cannon” versus “non-cannon” material in fandom, giving Buffy and George Lucas/Star Wars as an example.

Get your guilt on this week with Glenn’s review of the Asian Assassin flick called Beautiful Beast.

FINALLY someone sent Glenn a dollar! Thanks to Cap’n Fatpants, aka Kevin, for Glenn’s very own PodCulture dollar!

The trio closes with respect for the Guitar Hero 2 players that we know (“Freebird!”).

Promos this week come courtesy of The Kickass Mystic Ninjas, The Cup Car Update, and The Babylon Podcast.

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