This week we find the geeksome threesome on the cusp of their 50th episode!

Glenn is making headway with his Dangerman boxed set, has picked up 4400 season 3, looks forward to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Wonderfest here in Louisville. All that, but the siren song of World of Warcraft still beckons.

Christina grimaces at the news that there is a Sims movie in the works, and Brad’s been burning a hole in his Marvel Ultimate Alliance game disc. Glenn put aside his Alliance game for Ghost Recon and Halo 2.

Geek Cuisine is a Raspberries & Cream Hershey bar.

To keep Glenn spoiler-free, Brad and Christina kick him out of the studio while they discuss the power of three, both Series 3 of Doctor Who, and the 3 episodes of Drive. The most recent Who episode, “Human Nature” based on the novel by Paul Cornell has Christina noting the performance of Thomas Sangster formerly seen in Love Actually, and Brad loves the appearance of Richard Brooks on Drive. They allude to a more in depth discussion of this months season(and series) finales, and look forward to catching up with Supernatural -both the show and comic.

Glenn returns, happy in the fact that he’s picked up the Adventures of Superman on dvd, and liken the technology to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Christina looks forward to Monster Squad being released as a 20th Anniversary set.

Brad and Christina talk about “42” of Doctor Who, and then Christina and Glenn geek about Zoolander. Brad introduces our new PodCulture Forums , and we lie SGL to rest for now.

There is no Guilty Pleasure this week, but fear ye not, the next episode will require three times the penance!

Promotions this week include The Who Cast, The Cup Car Update, and The Scapecast.

By Brad

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