PodCulture turns fifty!! Get out your party hats, and get ready to cut the cake as PodCulture celebrates its half a century mark!

We begin the shindig with an intro by Robert Picardo of Star Trek fame. Next, you may have noticed our brand spankin’ new theme song graciously written especially for us by Beatnik Turtle and their Song of the Day.

Glenn has been to Wonderfest, and is looking forward to Adventure Con where he hopes to meet one of the Pirates of the Caribbean actors as well as dear Ron Glass of Firefly & Serenity. Stay tuned to our next episodes to hear what swanky stuff he’s brought back.

Christina and Brad have been trying to catch up with Supernatural, Brad watches the missing episode of Drive, and Christina is still hooked on Webkinz.

SPOILER SEGMENT! Brad and Christina kick Glenn out for a spoiler segment with discussion of the season finales of Heroes, Veronica Mars, Smallville, and Lost. If you have not seen these finales yet (what are you waiting for?!), and don’t wish to be spoiled, skip from the time duration 11:25 to 36 minutes into the file.

Brad interviews the author JC Hutchins about his podio novel, “7th Son”, as part of J.C.’s 50 podcasts in 50 states promotion.

We wrap up this section of our golden episode celebration with the presents Stu sent us, including Doctor Who badges and magnets, and the Doctor Who sticker book from SFX magazine. Our most heartfelt thanks!

Promos this week include The 9th-A Heroes Cast, Geek Fu Action Grip, and The Strangely Literal Podcast.

Don’t forget to join us at our new forums, and come back next week for more of our geek party!

By Brad

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