The celebration continues with part B of our 50th Anniversary show!

Ushering in this bacchanalian revelry is one of our Big Damn Heroes, Ron Glass, giving our introduction.

Only the guiltiest of Guilty Pleasures is good enough for this episode. Join us as we pile on the penance with our review of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

Brad continues his interview with J.C. Hutchins, promoting the 7/7/07 release of the third installment of his 7th Son podcast. novel.

Mr. Postman brings us anniversary presents with listener e-mail. Slade writes in with technical questions, Michael sends us thoughts on Doctor Who, John from Sofa Dogs lets us in on some Drive and Monster Squad info, and Brian gets his Who on as part of his British Invasion Podcast. We love our listener e-mail, so keep it coming!

Prezzies in the P.O. Box come from David in the form of Raines and She-Wolf of London. Many thanks from all of us for your thoughtfulness!

Promos this week come courtesy of Tabitha, The Signal, and Two Geeks, A Mic and a Podcast.

Our musical interlude is “Under the Radar” by Beatnik Turtle from their CD “All In a Day’s Work”.

By Brad

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