The Culture Crew starts off their 60th episode with an apology for omitting information from the previous show. The song “You’ve Got Hogwarts” was by Robert Lund and was from The Funny Music Project website. Then the geeks have their worlds rocked with the news that PodCulture is a finalist for a 2007 Parsec Award in the “Best Reality Podcast” category!

Christina, Glenn and Brad again welcome Ashlee into the studio, and we start with Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures. A Cult Classic, Dekker Double Feature. Fred Dekker having directed both Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps (as well as Robocop 3!)

Brad tells the tale of tainting the guys of Far Point Media with the mind-numbing Robovampire.

Don’t be cruel to this week’s geek cuisine, as we enjoy Elvis inspired peanut butter and banana Reese Cups, and Brad is disappointingly surprised by banana Twinkies.

Thanks to The Signal for their Sci-Fi Review featuring Battlestar Galactica.

Geek ‘N Tell was so epic last week, we’ve split it into two segments. This week, we wield our Harry Potter tome, collected comics Green Lantern/Green Arrow vol. 2, Spiderman: Kraven’s Last Hunt, Identity Crisis, and Star Trek Year Four. Christina’s picked up volumes 2 and 3 of Y: The Last Man, and they both hugely enjoy Babylon 5:The Lost Tales. Christina is gobsmacked that Bill Mumy was once part of the “Fish Heads” eating Barnes and Barnes.

Music this week is “Why I Won’t Get You a Beer”, by Tom Smith from The Funny Music Project website.

Promos include The ScapeCast and The Legacy of Morevi.

Special promotion for the Blood Drive for Joe at Dragon Con.

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