After an introduction by the heroically gracious Major Victory, the Culture Crew goes live (well, Memorex) from the Dragon Con experience 2007!

Taking advantage of the Real Time Travel Info, the gang reports on the way home, from Bob Evans on some of the highlights from Dragon Con.

We rewind to on the way to D*C at the Wendy’s in Bowling Green, Kentucky, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Lying down on the Con, Brad and Christina relax the night before all the geeks break loose.

Geek Cuisine hits the road as we enjoy Keebler Scooby Graham Snacks, Blue Moon Honey Lager, Mike’s Hard Crisp Apple, and Mountain Dew Game Fuel (aka Halo).

Wrapping up the Culture Tour, the gang talks about some highlights of the Con. Brad has met wonderful fellow podcasters, and picks up a hellacool Green Lantern shirt. Christina added two Stargate key chains to her collection, and Glenn’s brought home some Guilty Pleasures, as well as Firefly and Gears of War t-shirts.

Fifty million Elvis fans can’t be wrong! Don’t forget to enter the PodCulture Elvis Mini-Series contest!

Thanks to the Babylon Podcast and The Process Diary Podcast for their promos, and our musical features this week come from Tom Smith with “Return of the King” and “Cthulu Fthagn” from his cd “Marcon Homecoming 2005”.

By Brad

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