Alert Master Chief! Halo 3 hits PodCulture!

With Christina along for the ride, Brad and Glenn do some seriously hard core geeking on what Microsoft calls “the biggest entertainment launch in history”! The boys squee about everything from weapons and one-liners, to game saves and grunts. How does it compare to Halos past? What are the coolest new features? Was it worth trekking across town at midnight to catch the launch? Glenn sings the praises of, and talks about Marvel’s comic book mini-series, Uprising. Brad considers adding the Heroclix Halo figures to his collection. Christina, the remaining member of the trio, who has yet to play the game herself, enjoys the gorgeous graphics and hauntingly beautiful score.

All three agree that “Halo Nights” by Team Tiger Awesome is ridiculously addictive.

Promo for this episode is for Thesis A Fantasy from Indiana Jim.

(Our apologies if you had problems downloading this episode earlier)

By Brad

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