After an introduction by Clayton Hill of Dawn of the Dead, we’re once again lost in the seven seas of geek!

Brad’s still playing Halo 3, and Glenn’s trying to divide his time between it and WoW. Christina’s both hating the ridiculously warm weather (and yes, the first weekend in October DID see 90 degrees), and adoring the fact that she got her Phantom of The Opera tickets.

In the PodCulture tv/dvd world this week, Glenn is finally on the last disc of Dangerman (FINALLY!), and will soon be catching up with Heroes and Smallville. He’s gotten to see Bionic Woman, and is content, thus far, with the remake. Brad and Christina are caught up with Flash Gordon, and it’s definitely growing on them. They’re still in love with Sarah Jane Adventures, and enjoyed the season premiere of Smallville. Brad and Christina completely disagree on the pilot of Moonlight and Jason Dohring. The pair have plodded through more of Babylon 5, and give a glowing review to the
season premiere of Heroes.

The Guilty stand this week as Glenn reviews Screaming Dead!

The booty haul this week includes Superman: Doomsday, Star Trek:Encounters for the PS2, illumination for Glenn in the form of a new office lamp, and Halloween decorations. Glenn has a Target exclusive two-up Batman figure. Christina revels in the fact that her friend Elizabeth now has two Lost action figures. Brad’s picked up Jack of All Trades on dvd. The two have also stocked up on drumsticks to send to Sci-Fi, and Dresden Files on dvd.

From the P.O. Box this week, Leon in Phoenix has sent us Charlie Jade. Thanks so very much, Leon. We hope you feel better!

Christina looks forward to ordering her Phantom dvd (and thus completing her Ultimate Phantom Freak collection).

Brad has found test tube sugar candies for Geek Cuisine. Hopefully we’ll be here next week ::: wink :::

FINALLY! The winners of the Elvis: The Mini-Series are…

Mark in Kansas
Scott in Florida
Taryn in British Columbia, Canada
Dan in New Jersey
Tom in Pennsylvania

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Our promos this week include The Zombie Channel, Buffy:Between The Lines podcast, Geologic podcast, and Geek Cred podcast.

By Brad

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