Welcome back for another dweeb-filled episode of PodCulture!

Guilt becomes us all as Glenn brings Cat People for our pleasure, and we pile on the guilt talking about the revamped Knight Rider.

Matthew from Michigan shares his review of Jumper.

Pucker up, geeks! This week’s cuisine is Neapolitan Hershey Kisses!

Christina starts off with the almost-antique X-Files Game for the PC, and Brad follows up with Portal and Orange Box. Glenn tells us about Half Life, and Brad rants about the XBox Live debacle (bit of a swearing spoiler if your kids are listening). Christina and Brad talk about Uno, and Glenn shows off the newest addition to his firearms collection.

Promos come graciously from Infected by Scott Sigler, and thanks to Hot Waffles for “Makin’ Love Like A Geek”.

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 94: Hunting and Gathering – Part B”
  1. Guess I’ll try to leave a comment here. Fun, as per usual, though at the risk of raising a political-esque debate, one disagreement. Like Brad, I prefer most of my weaponry “old school”. Glenn likes the modern era. While, in theory, someone else armed might have prevented many of these horrible shootings from going as far as they did, my main worry is that such a situation simply adds more bullets into an already chaotic scene. As ex-students of mine who have served in the sand have told me, firefights are confused, ugly situations in which most people panic and fire poorly. While I trust Glenn (fool!), I don’t want to be seated next to him when this goes off. If he misses, there’s a whole lot more lead flying in that direction in just a second! I guess end argument from my angle is more guns = more bullets.

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