Four score and 100 episodes ago…. Holy PodCulture milestone Batman!

A century of episodes gone by since the first show, and we’re celebrating with our friends. We welcome Randy (from, two of our listeners Tony and Kathy, (and thanks to Randy’s wife, Tabitha for hanging with us, even though she isn’t on the show).

Glenn is off at Horror Hound Weekend, but we’re still watching TV. Brad and Christina have finished up Jericho, and Randy is annoyed that there aren’t any more. They talk about the possibility of it being picked up by another network. Christina and Brad are still carrying their torch (wood) for Captain Jack Harkness. Brad looks forward to Joss Whedon’s new show “DollHouse”, which leads us to discussion about how to sell seasons of television. Everyone anticipates to Supernatural, Lost, and Smallville coming back. Discussion leads to Joel Grey, and Wicked:The Musical. Christina can’t wait for Sweeney Todd, and Kathy is looking forward to Battlestar Galactica. Tony tells us about Buckethead.

We can’t forget to include our honorary best Guilty Pleasure, Robo Vampire!

Geek Cuisine are A&W Root Beer Float and Sunkist Orange Float sodas.

Thanks to the actors who play(ed) two of our dearly departed Firefly characters, Ron Glass and Alan Tudyk for recording the bumpers for us.

Thank you so very much for another promo installment of Geek By Night!

By Brad

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