We welcome out guests, Tony, Kathy, and Randy back in the studio for episode 101!

Brad tells the cautionary tale of getting his Zoom H4 recorder and the black hole that was UPS, and we share our shipping disasters. We talk about Jericho, and the movies and shows still available on HD. Kathy’s planning on re-watching Babylon 5 from the beginning, and we get into the discussion about Doctor Companions. We talk about the casting of Star Trek, we defend that Bono is handsome, Sweeney Todd is funny and Grave of the Fireflies is so very not.

Geek Cuisine is the “leftover” edition as Tony, Kathy and Randy enjoy some of our culinary highlights.

Tony begins our Geek and Tell with his Mark I One Iron Man figure, Brad and Christina have a new koala for the family, add Battlestar Galactica Season 3 for the dvd shelf, and the sale find of the week, his Light Saber construction set for his inner Jedi. We discuss our inner rock gods and compare notes for Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Frets on Fire.

Matthew from Michigan shares his “so bad they’re good” movie, “The Sword Stained With Royal Blood”.

Thank you so much to Gigi Edgely, and Lani Tupu for their gracious bumpers, and thanks to the gang at Geek By Night for another fantastic installment.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 101: From Then Till Now – Part B”
  1. You guys really do need to try the new Who with Donna. It is the best Who I’ve seen since Eccleston, and (I wouldn’t have believed it but) Donna is amazing.

  2. While Christina may agree with ya about Donna, I sadly can not. I’ll give that she is much less annoying than she was in the Christmas special…she still grates on my nerves. Maybe if she sticks around she’ll grow on me some. Either way it will be very interesting next week when she meets up with Martha! (my fav compantion next to Sarah Jane)

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