We welcome Glenn back into the studio!

We’re happy to see that Robo Vampire is now available on Netflix! Glenn’s return from Horror Hound Weekend having met, among others, Danny Trejo from Grindhouse (and Spy Kids) fame.

We’d like to thank Baron in Denver for wishing us well after our earthquake last week

Our tvs and dvds are spinning like crazy this week. Brad and Christina have watched I Am Legend , and the trio talk about what they loved, and what they wish they saw. The couple have seen the season finale of Torchwood, and they’re not happy bunnies. The only redemption is that the following day, they watched the season opener of Doctor Who. Glenn and Carly have watched Day of the Dead, hated it, and Christina was impressed with Nick Cannon. They’re divided on whether or not Cloverfield is going to translate well to our home televisions. Christina and Brad have seen the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, and deem it quite possibly the longest movie ever. Christina has a geekgasm about Sweeney Todd. Glenn’s caught up with Lost, and nearly up to date on Smallville. We’re trying to sell him on Supernatural, Heroes & Jericho.

Geek Cuisine this week is Wild Cherry M & Ms

The boys bask in the light of the Iron Man toys, and Brad’s got his hard copy of Infected by Scott Sigler. He’s got the XBox 360 version of Lost, They’ve got Live Free or Die Hard, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on Blu-Ray. Blu-ray, you ask? Yep, Brad’s finally got the holy grail Playstation 3. He’s got Virtua Fighter 5 (after trying and hating Ridge Racer 7), and Full Auto 2: Battle Lines. To go with it, he’s got the Dual Shock 3 controller. Not to be left out, Glenn’s got a shiny new phone! The AT&T Tilt has now taken up residence in his pocket.

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