We start out this week with our teeth ready for geeking in Geek Cuisine! We’ve got the very odd, Snickers Charged bars.

Now that we’re sugared up, we’re ready for Glenn to review the very Guilty “G-Men From Hell”.

We thank The Signal for their Sci-Fi Review of Sliders.

We open this Geek and Tell with something Christina picked up, a trilogy of Vincent Price movies (the Bat, House on Haunted Hill and Last Man on Earth). They’ve got the HD edition of I Am Legend, 40 Year Old Virgin, Corpse Bride, Mystery Men, Scooby Doo, Superman: The Movie, and Van Helsing. Glenn looks forward to buying AVP: Requiem, The Metal Gear Solid edition of the PS3, and shows off his new comic, “Kick-Ass”.

We’re bookend our show this week with another Geek Cuisine! Before you worry about our dental bills, this one is organic Koala Krackers!

In closing, we all anticipate Iron Man, and appreciate the likeness between Al Pacino and Robert Downey, Jr.

Thanks so much to The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover and The Geek Spin for their promos, and Bob Ricci for his song, “Photoshop”! We thank The Obscure 80s Podcast, and ask everyone to support the American Cancer Society.

By Brad

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