The band is back together, as we finally have all three of us in the studio again!

Glenn’s been working and having very little WoW time. Brad and Christina are giddy with the fact that not only is Glenn getting caught up with Smallville, he’s watched his first real-time episode of Lost! The pair has been watching Battlestar Galactica have had another Shoppening in the past few weeks. Brad’s been enduring Medieval style dental work, and Glenn is enduring party politics.

What’s been entertaining our potatoes du couch? Glenn’s picked up the last season of 4400, Prophecy, Crossworlds, MST3K: The Movie, Escape from LA, Golden Compass & Beowulf and Grendel. Brad & Christina have hit the good Gamestop sales, and came away with 4 seasons of Charmed, the first series of Hex, season 10 of SG-1 and 3 of SG-Atlantis, and Monster Squad. Finally, Brad adds to the stock pile of Robo Vampire dvds, which came with two eastern horror collections: Tales from the East & Return of the Evil Fox, and Magic of the Universe & Counter Destroyer. Christina does the happy dance of joy with her birthday presents from Elizabeth for her birthday: The Chipmunk Adventure, and the first seasons of Perfect Strangers. Brad’s completing his epic search for Serenity formats, and added his own copy on vhs.

Attention Others! We’re so happy that Glenn’s finally caught up on Lost! We share our ideas of what the heck is going on. Thank you so very much to Barenaked Hurley for his song, “We’re Getting Off The Island”. (Warning, it drops the F-bomb in the refrain, kiddies)

Geek Cuisine is the breast cancer cause conscious Pink Grapefruit Tic Tacs.

Brad’s received the free HD dvds promised for buying his HD players. He’s got Big Lebowski, Aeon Flux, Black Rain, Accepted and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix . In the second set, he’s got Alexander Revisited, Blood Diamond, Italian Job, U2: Rattle & Hum, and (guess?) Serenity! Glenn’s ordered Omega Man in HD and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Thanks very much to The Obscure 80s Podcast, Podcast Junky and Scott Sigler’s “Infected” for their promos!

By Brad

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